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Tool service

Warranty and post-warranty repair of tools and machines for companies and craftsmen. We operate our own service center in Liberec, equipped with modern gadgets and devices for tool repairs.

Why tool service from us

We always send a price offer in advance for an approval

We use original spare parts

Repairs are performed by qualified service technicians

Reliable and fast service at the top level

We specialize in the service of pneumatic tools. We provide full warranty and post-warranty repairs, periodic inspections of air tools and accessories.

We also provide calibration of torque and angle gauges. This service takes place in cooperation with a calibration laboratory accredited according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17O25: 2OO5.

We offer one-time as well as contractually discounted (recurring) tool repairs.

We are an authorized service for repairs of FIAM and ATA tools, warranty and post-warranty.

Tool brands that we service

and cordless tools

Authorized dealer and service. When buying tools of these brands from us, we will automatically extend the warranty of the machines to 3 years.

Maintenance and cleaning equipment

We provide authorized service of power tools MAKITA, DEWALT, BOSCH, for small businesses, assembly companies and manufacturing plants.

We only repair professional, not hobby tools.

How our tool service works


Handing over for service

Send the tool to the service by post or courier service, or hand it over in person at ALFAVARIA Group s. r. o., Londýnská 78, 460 01 Liberec. Customers with a service contract may have an automatic collection of tools for repair agreed upon in the contract.


Service form

Please fill in the service form for the machine to be repaired and attach it to the machine. This will significantly speed up the repair of the tool.


Assessment and control

Our service technicians dismantle the machine, clean it and assess the defect. Fault diagnosis fee is charged, it is not charged if you order the repair.


Price offer for tool or machine repair

After diagnosing the defect, you will receive a price offer from us with a quantification of the repair and a list of necessary spare parts.

If you agree with the price of the repair, send us a binding order for the repair of the machine to us by e-mail: servis@alfavaria.cz


Machine repair

After receiving the order, we will immediately start repairing the machine. The duration of the repair depends on the availability of spare parts and the occupancy of our service center. We will always try to accomodate your needs.

Broken tools and service that doesn’t work?

Broken tools and service that doesn’t work?

Contact experts who understand repairs – we’ll help keep your downtime to a minimum.

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      A look at the ALFAVARIA Group service

      In our repair center, we provide reliable and fast tool service at the highest level.

      In addition to repairs, we also supply new tools and workshop equipment. What do we offer you?

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