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Solutions for the military, fire departments and police

We offer services related to custom projects for the supply of tools, workshop equipment and vehicle installations for the army, fire departments and police.

What can we do?

Deliveries of only quality products

Design, development and implementation to order

Consulting and technical support

Warranty and post-warranty service

Example of realizations

Investigation vehicles for firefighters

We have built in-vehicle system for VW Transporter 4×4 fire trucks, which will be used by fire investigators during their field work. The vehicle is divided into two functional parts. The first part consists of an administrative workplace and in the second part there are two pull-out boxes, each with a load capacity of 80 kg and two pull-out shelf parts, each with a load capacity of 190 kg, which are used to store the transported equipment.

For the fire brigade of the Liberec Region, we implemented, among other things, a contract for investigation cars to determine the causes of fires. We manufactured and installed an installation in the luggage compartment for storing technical means intended for the investigator’s work at the scene. Inside the car there is, among other things, a digital radio station, rechargeable mounts for portable lighting, or an LED headlight. We covered the cars with special foil and provided them with warning beacons.

Storage boxes for the army

For the safe transport of accessories in military vehicles, we designed and manufactured 50 sets of boxes with pull-outs, completely made to order. Each of the boxes contains drawers with 100% extension, secured against unintentional opening. The delivery included a pallet designed for easy transport of boxes.

Mobile workshop for repairs of tracked and wheeled equipment

We produced a mobile workshop for repairs of tracked and wheeled equipment in the field, realized in two containers. In the first there is a fully equipped mechanical workshop, in the second there is a lathe. The containers were designed for transport on a Tatra 815 8 × 8 vehicle with a tow.

Cases with equipment for tracked vehicles

A very interesting order of 140 sets of durable outdoor cases with equipment for tracked vehicles. At the customer’s request, we also designed and manufactured a special module with cut-outs for individual equipment parts in the cases with cut-outs tailored to the equipment. Each piece thus has its own position inside the case and is securely fastened during transport.

Car installation for city police

We built a Škoda Kodiaq car for the city police crew, which serves as a mobile office. We manufactured and installed a lightweight aluminum cabinet with 100% pull-out drawers in the luggage compartment. There is a pull-out table in the cabinet, which can be secured for maximum comfort during work. We designed the system so that access to the reserve is not hindered.
You can find more realizations here.

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