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Solutions for a manufacturing plants

We offer trouble-free and fast deliveries of quality tools, machines and accessories for assembly and production plants. We deliver the goods, put them into operation and train the staff.

How we can help you

We will choose the most suitable tools

We will offer savings when buying

We will provide repairs of tools and machines

Our sales rep. available

Our technical salespeople understand their work and are ready to design functional solutions. We will be happy to connect you with a specific salesman from our company who will take care of you for a long time.

We will save your time and money


We will choose
the most suitable tools

We communicate with supervisors and technologists to select the best tools, machine or accessories for a specific work operation. We only supply quality, not hobby products.


We offer
savings when buying

We are the link between the operation and the purchasing department. We will offer selected tools, machines and accessories to the buyer, we will calculate the savings in the price offer. We are not obliged to be one brand, we keep track and we will also offer such products that ordinary suppliers do not offer.

We provide repairs
of tools and machines

Broken tools and downtime? Don’t be robbed of time. We provide warranty and post-warranty service for the products we supply. We have our own repair center, but also mobile technicians who perform on-site service.


We have many years of experience; We have been supplying tools for shift operations, including related services, since 1996. Customers value our expertise, fair dealing, time and money savings when choosing the right tools. Since 2005, we have held a quality certificate according to ISO 9001: 2009.
0 years
of service experience
tools in stock
active customers

Tool brands in our assortment

We only supply brands of tools that we have tested and whose quality we believe in.

Tightening and industrial automation: For industrial assembly, we offer solutions in the area of precise joint tightening.

Why us?

Put the burden of tool supplies on our shoulders; this activity has been keeping us busy since 1996! We will take care of all the service and relieve you of annoying administrative activities that take you time. Then feel free to use it for work (or for yourself).

Experience with the sale of professional tools, machines and workshop equipment since 1996

Holders of the ISO 9001: 2009 quality certificate

We use the SAP corporate information system, we connect the agenda with our customers

We are on the list of qualified suppliers

We offer individual price, delivery and payment terms

We buy and deliver to countries around the world

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